Google Hangouts over Skype ?

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Android, Google, Skype, Technology, Uncategorized, youtube
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Hangouts may be the most powerful arrow Google Plus has in its quiver

Instead of Skype, employees are using Google Hangouts for cross-coast meetings and calls.

Google Hangouts are like Skype with a brain-dead-easy recording and production studio built in.

Plus you don’t need to download Skype, you can just set them up through Gmail.  You can store Hangouts in YouTube when you are done. I mean hell, Obama did one, and then he left it up on the web. So it can’t be that weird.

Maybe you want to do a hangout from across the world with your new client; you’re probably going to want to save that video. Hangouts can do that automatically and drop it off in your YouTube account, hassle free.

While YouTube is certainly the 800-lb. gorilla today compared to Hangouts, one day who knows, they may have an equal number of users.

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